Calling Memphis' Culinary Heroes

We’ve got somethin’ cookin’ over at The Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy, and we’d like you to be part of it. In fact, this could be your most satisfying culinary creation yet.

Maybe you’ve already heard about it, The Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy. Located in South Memphis on the Knowledge Quest campus, the Jay Uiberall Academy is a culinary arts program for high school teens that teaches healthy eating habits and cooking skills as well as beginning business courses. Most important, it instills in its young, aspiring chefs a sense of confidence and passion, a strong work ethic and a desire to take themselves to a new station in life. (Could it be to your own professional kitchen someday?)

It’s been nearly a year since The Jay Uiberall Academy opened on Nov 12. On their first night out, in fact, Chef Erling Jensen helped the first class of students prepare a delectable four-course meal for more than 100 people to rave reviews.

We know in our hearts that Jay would have been right in there with these young chefs, teaching, mentoring, laughing and even getting a little silly with them now and then. But it would be time well spent as far as he was concerned. And that’s why JULF funded the Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy’s startup, and continues to support it and seek new ways for it to grow.

Now, we need the chef’s throughout our city’s kitchens to help make a little magic in this kitchen at The Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy. Join us, won’t you to learn more about how you can help.

Monday, Nov. 10
6-8 p.m. at LEO Events, 265 South Front Street
for cocktails and a conversation about The Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy

Learn about some pretty amazing stories of what’s coming out of The Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy and to find out about delicious volunteer opportunities. We’re not looking for money—in fact, leave your checkbook at home. What we do need are chefs like you to lend your expertise through the “Chef in Residency” program, either as a one-time experience or as an ongoing commitment. Whatever you can give, give with your willing hands and a heart to share your recipe for success.

We hope you’ll step up to the plate, chefs, and we’ll see you on Nov. 10.