New Grant Announcement: Jay Uiberall Middle School Literacy Program

Your generous support of the Jay Uiberall Foundation enables us to give grants to crucial programs that better the lives of Memphians and improve our city’s future. Our newest initiative, the Jay Uiberall Middle School Literacy Program, administered by Memphis Athletic Ministries, will help raise reading levels for middle school students who live in economically challenged zip codes in the Memphis community.

Fall 2017 STEAM Mentor Highlights

Our STEAM Mentors program is a partnership with Christian Brothers University and Maxine Smith STEAM academy, to provide students additional academic support through mentors. During Fall 2017, mentors were selected from a competitive process overseen by three CBU faculty members. Eight CBU students served as Jay Uiberall CBU STEAM Mentors and were required to keep a journal documenting their hours and experiences as a mentor. Several mentors shared their journal entries from the semester.

"Throughout the mentoring program, I was blessed to be able to help around the classroom and get to interact with the scholars and build amazing relationships. They helped me better understand the feeling of what a teacher does for them and how much they rely on a teacher. The scholars made me feel welcomed as much as the teacher I assisted. The teacher gave me some knowledge on how she became part of the education world and how much fun it has been and it has transformed her life. And that just sparked another interest in me to continue my passion for bettering our youth."

"I overall enjoyed my time working with the MSSA students. They were all eager to learn and most had very bright personalities. I'm happy to say that I was able to offer a few students advice with topics outside of academics and hold conversations with them as an actual mentor. I feel that I academically helped the most during the Pre-Algebra classes and the RTI classes because Math is my area of expertise and the RTI students were those who struggled."

Our STEAM Mentor program continues to evolve and develop to best meet the needs of the students involved.


Presenting the 2nd Graduating Class of Jay Uiberall Scholars

The second graduating class of the Jay Uiberall Scholars program is off to great places! Fifteen scholars selected by REACH Memphis completed a program to enhance their communication skills in preparation for college. The students worked with mentors, participated in mock interviews, learned proper etiquette, and prepared their resumes and college essays over the course of 10 Saturdays. 

The goal of the program is to prepare students for college life beyond the reading, writing, and arithmetic they study in school. The opportunities available to our scholars are made possible by the generous supporters of the Jay Uiberall Foundation.

JUCA Students Win Big at the 2016 National ProStart Invitational®

Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy (JUCA) students traveled to Nashville to compete in the ProStart Invitational and took home third place in the Business Management competition—along with the $40,000 in scholarships that came with it! The teammates will use their scholarships for college this fall. Team coach Aryen Moore-Alston was very happy with the results. "We are thrilled, excited and every other adjective used to describe enthusiastic," Moore-Alston said. "This was our first time competing, and we were proud to represent Memphis."