The Jay Uiberall Foundation teamed with Knowledge Quest, a nonprofit founded in 1998 to serve the children of South Memphis, to develop a program that teaches cooking skills. Now, with a permanent presence through the Jay Uiberall Culinary Academy (JUCA), JUF provides a place where high school students not only learn about the culinary arts and the food cycle, but also explore their own unique talents through training and mentoring activities. Most important, JUCA helps to build students’ confidence and whets their appetites for wholesome, healthy food.

Students learn basic and advanced skills in culinary arts and hospitality management to prepare them for a regional culinary competition, as well as for higher education and business opportunities in culinary arts and hospitality management. Students are taught skills from food safety handling practices to operating and managing a culinary business. By the end of the sessions, students are ServSafe certified, have a better intellectual and hands-on understanding of the food cycle, and are better equipped and prepared for higher education and culinary and hospitality management endeavors.


  1. Students are to have RESPECT for themselves, each other, the chefs, instructors, and guests. This means paying attention to those who are speaking and teaching and being polite to everyone in the classroom sessions.

  2. Each student will make an EFFORT to do their very best on every assignment, lesson, and hands-on activity assigned. Completing assignments and demonstrations, participating in classroom discussions, and being present in sessions show that you care about your education. Coming to class prepared each day is a step in the right direction. Students are also encouraged to always be open to tasting unfamiliar dishes or ingredients. Remember, it is all about the EFFORT!

  3. Be PRESENT and on time. Students who attend class regularly and arrive on time do better work and understand more. Poor attendance causes students to miss lab work, which is hard or impossible to recreate and remain up to speed on lessons.

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